My New Favorite Instagram App for Small Businesses – Preview Photos Before Posting

If you are anything like me, you may have the same illness I do… I.G.O.C.D… Yes, instagram obsessive compulsive disorder. Planning the look of my instagram has become a little bit of an obsession and I have guidelines that I like to follow in my posts. I think that sometimes rules are meant to be broken, (this happens a lot when I want to share a post in real time) but I usually try to stick as close to these guidelines as possible! I like to incorporate lots of colors but I also hate when the same colors are touching. If two light photos are next to each other and then two dark colors are next to each other, it really bothers me because it feels off balance! If I incorporate too much pink or other warm coors, I also feel the need to balance it out with mint or navy. Also, because I specialize in a lot of night photography, I make every 6th photo a night photo. (#KaypeaNightPortraits).

With so many guidelines to follow, it is sometimes hard to plan posts because I can’t see what should go where. If I have five photos I know I want to post from a wedding or session, in which order should I post them? What if I want to incorporate two other photos at random points? What if I want to post them all at different times to reach different audiences but I won’t be around to post the photos? This is where my new favorite app comes in! Let me introduce you to is a scheduling app that also allows you to drag & drop photos, write your posts, and schedule them to post without even needing to be paying attention to your phone! This solves so many problems for me and makes my life so much more simple! I do want to say that I am currently still on the trial period of this app and this is an app with a monthly service fee. (I talk about that at the end.) I also want to add that I am not being at all reimbursed for talking about I have just found it to be such a useful app that I want to share it with you and walk you through the app in case you too have I.G.O.C.D! 😉

When you first download and open the, it will look like this: Simply follow the prompts to connect the app to your account. It will show you the last 12 photos that you posted on instagram. I think that is really helpful because you can see past patterns and what type of photos you posted recently, as well as what type of photos may need to be posted soon to keep up with those patterns!


Here is a what my phone looks like with my last 12 photos pulled into To add the photos you want to organize and schedule, simply click on the big white button below. (where it says “Add now!”)
When you click on the “Add now,” the options of where to get your photos from comes up. This is a pretty big deal too, because you can grab photos from dropbox & google drive, as well as from albums on your phone. If you’re not sure why this is a big deal, before this, I emailed every photo to myself, then downloaded them, saved them, and uploaded them to IG. Now, I can simply put them into dropbox or google drive and get them directly from the app whenever I choose. SO handy and simple!


After selecting the photos you want to upload, it brings them up in an editor that allows you to crop photos as you want. It also allows you to “split” your photos into smaller squares. This is useful if you like the look of one photo being chopped into multiple Instagram blocks in order to cover more space when someone looks at the overview of your instagram profile, but it’s just really not my style and I think it overall hurts the look & interaction of an instagram feed, so it’s not really a feature I foresee being useful, personally. However, having the option for those who do use it is pretty neat!

Once you have cropped the images the way that you want them, simply click upload and the photos will appear in your feed!



The photos I selected are added in and have a “U” in the upper left corner to indicate that they are “unscheduled.”


Since one of my “rules” is that I put a night photo ever 6th photo, my first move is to move the photo of the cake at night into the position of 6th from the last night photo. It is really as easy as drag & drop! You just press on the photo for less than a second and it will get brighter, indicating that you can move it around wherever you would like. Below if a screenshot mid-drag. 🙂


After you drag and drop, the other photos will move to take the place of the photo you moved:


Once you have moved the photos and decided on an order for them, the next step is to edit the information and schedule it for posting!

This week I have been planning to share photos that placed in the Shoot & Share photo contest, so this is one of the posts I have scheduled for today! Simply write in your caption & hashtags, then choose a date & time to schedule!

You can click on the calendar icon at the bottom and see all of the posts you have scheduled and when all of your previous posts were posted. Please don’t judge me too much on this… I’m not always very good at scheduling or posting consistently… another reason why this app is so good for me!


So now on the photos of Meagan & the penguin, you can see a little “S” in the upper left corner for “Scheduled.”


And it really is that easy!

The app is free for the first two weeks during the “trial plan,” and there are three levels of upgrades (“basic,” “decent,” and “good.”). These upgrade options range from ~$7 per month to $29 per month, depending on the level you need. As a small business with one instagram account, the basic plan is perfect.


And that’s it! I hope you find it useful for your instagram as well! 🙂

  • Melissa - May 25, 2016 - 8:10 am

    Oh, my goodness!! Thank you for this!! I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to go about planning out my instagram so it can look nicer and low and behold, there’s an app!ReplyCancel

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