Today, I started a new company!


For the past few weeks, you may have seen me posting photos here and on Instagram with giant marquee letters. Today, we can officially announce that Light Your Love Marquees has launched!

I know you might be thinking, “Where did this even come from?! How do you go from wedding photography to renting out 7-foot-tall lit letters?” It’s a good question, really!

If you follow my work at all, you probably know that I love night photography! A little over two months ago, I told my dad, an engineer & woodworker, that I had an idea for a night photo but I needed his help. See, I had wanted to find giant marquee letters for a photo, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for… Any rentals I could find were 4 feet or smaller, and when I did find a large marquee letter for sale, it wasn’t even close to what I was looking for and it was nearly $4k! Uh, no thank you!

That’s when I convinced my dad to help me BUILD the letters! I even presented him with a plan of materials & what I thought it would cost. I also came up with a general idea of how much time I thought the entire build would take. I had a mapped out plan but I quickly found out how optimistic I really was and why I am NOT the engineer! My dad agreed to help, but the only thing is that my dad, being a very experienced woodworker, knew materials far better than I did, and he engineered a much better but slightly more complicated way to build the letters MUCH better than I did! (which, when you’re dealing with electricity & 100+ bulbs per sign becomes so complicated so quickly!).

Looking back now, I’m almost amazed at how naive I was! I originally gave the entire project approximately a week to build. Our first set of letters took nearly a month, and at that point, we decided to keep the secret of the letters a little longer… Why would we keep the letters a secret when I had been dying to take this night photo for over a month?

Because my brother asked for his very own set of custom marquee letters to propose with. And so, for four extra weeks, we hid the letters and worked like crazy people to design and create an “R,” a heart, and a “B!”


Somewhere along the way, while building these letters, my dad and I started talking about how incredible these marquee signs would be at weddings. I don’t know if you really understand unless you’re standing right next to them, but these marquee signs tower over most people! At 7ft tall, these marquee signs are larger than life and they really are a such an amazing addition to photos. Whether as part of a night photo, or as a background of a reception dance floor, or even as decoration during a wedding ceremony, the marquee lights provide such a statement piece!

My dad mentioned how much fun it would be for me to have these at the weddings I photographed and that was it. I was sold. We had decided to start a new company and Light Your Love Marquees was born.

Now please let me comfort any of my current (or future!) brides: You have nothing to worry about 🙂 you all are still my #1’s and this does not affect your wedding at all 🙂 I’m a wedding photographer for life and I’m not going anywhere!

Now please let me (hopefully) excite my current (and future!) brides! All Kaypea Photography brides will get an exclusive price just for you all to thank you for being amazing!! 🙂

And so today, we officially launch. If I’m being honest, I don’t feel as ready as I thought I would! Our site is still a bit of a work-in-progress, and as I’ve barely been home for a whole week since mid-April, I haven’t had a chance to photograph all of our marquee signs yet for the website, but I’m so excited because TODAY is our FIRST WEDDING and it is the wedding of one of my favorite people and good friends and I cannot wait to be a part of it!

The truck is packed and we are headed to the gorgeous Big Spring Farm for a wedding that promises to be absolutely incredible! I’m so so so excited to see two amazing people become husband & wife today!!

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