Favorite things

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My Why


The fact that the magic of NYC is within a couple hours from me amazes me. I could just walk the streets for hours and be perfectly content. It's like another world I could get lost in. Oh actually I have...

Kate Spade
Do you ever feel like stores might actually be sending out employees to spy on your life so that they can figure out exactly what you like and make you just want to buy everything? Sometimes I think this might be happening with Kate Spade and Target!

Mindy Kaling
You know those celebrities who you wish you could meet because you just KNOW you would click and be best friends? That is Mindy Kaling to me.

Some of my favorite things...

Hot Air Balloons!

I realize this is an interesting favorite thing because I actually have never gotten to ride in one. It's a total bucket list item for me though!"

I love Jesus
I believe that he loved me enough to die for me, so I live now for him.

What About Bob
I can't explain why I love this movie as much as I do, but I have, without exaggeration, seen it around 100 times. I still laugh.

I love taking photos of my kittens sleeping and photoshopping them into different scenarios. To see more, you can check out @thedreamadventuresofmacro on instagram :)

whether it is climbing a mountain in the dark with friends to watch the sunrise, or flying half way around the world for your wedding, I'm probably really extremely excited about it.

I want a subscription service for Dunkin's Mocha Ice Coffee & Starbucks' white chocolate mocha. Heart eyes all day! #ProudGoldCardMember

The window seat of an airplane. I never get tired of the view. If an airplane charges a premium for the window seat, they know they'll get it from me.

Macro & Pixel
(Max & Pix for short!)

They are often my lap-warmers while I am editing!

My Big Family
I am the oldest of 7! I know, what were my parents thinking? I actually loved all the craziness of growing up in a big family! It has made me adaptable to many situations, but it has also taught me to value the quiet and still moments!