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I sat across from her in the coffee shop. We were catching up after a busy season in life, and we were laughing as we told each other little pieces of our lives that had occurred in the time since we last met. That was when she excitedly squealed, "Oh! You have to see my shoes!" She turned towards her phone and started flipping through to her completely stunning new Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps. I let out a "Wow! Those are stunning!" She grinned and replied, "Right? I got an amazing deal on them! Just had to forgo my trip to Europe this summer, but they were worth it!" I nervously laughed, but somewhere within me, every part of that last sentence made no sense to me. Please don't misunderstand. I love a good pair of red bottom shoes, but it wasn't til years later when I was a wedding photographer and began collecting some of people's most precious memories, that I began to realize why that sentence bothered me so much.

I often say that wedding photography found me. It wasn't what I originally set out to do. I started out just taking photos for fun. I loved it, but I didn't know that people even actually did this as a job, so I didn't pursue it. The first wedding I did was one I was slightly guilted into by a friend. They told me that they couldn't afford a real photographer, and I told them I did not have wedding experience and it was too much pressure, but they told me they still trusted me, so I photographed their wedding. That's when I fell in love with weddings.

About a year ago I received an email from a bride whose wedding had occurred a few months prior. Her note was short but sweet. She said that she wanted to let me know how thankful she was to have hired me. Her father had just passed away and her favorite photo of them together had been from her wedding in the few moments before he had walked her down the aisle. She thanked me for capturing those quiet and quick moments, and that was it. It was then I realized why my friend giving up her vacation for a pair of shoes bothered me so much. It was not that there was anything wrong with her owning those shoes. I adored those shoes with her. I just couldn't understand giving up creating amazing memories to own the shoes. I realized that I believe in collecting memories over things. I believe that moments should be savored. I believe that the memories you collect from spending a week in Europe with friends will always be worth far more than $1500 shoes. I believe that the memories you hold closest are the ones you spend with loved ones. I believe that any bride who had just lost a loved one might give up anything in order to just have one last moment with them. I believe in collecting those moments.

On your wedding day, I don't see myself just as the photographer you hired to take a few pictures. I know I am also your family historian - the curator of some of your most precious memories and the collector of your moments. I know that to you, each moment will count. I know that with each click of my shutter, I am creating a moment in time that stays forever. The truth is that even weeks after your wedding (and I've had brides who tell me it's actually only days!), the details begin to fade. It is really only those moments that have been captured that can ever truly be seen clearly again.

I have now photographed over one hundred weddings since that first one that made me discover my love of weddings, and I still tear up during vows. I still love watching the way the groom looks at his bride. I still love seeing two people commit their entire lives to each other while surrounded by their closest friends and family. I still love getting to capture those moments so they can be held onto forever. I believe that the moments that you carry to the future with you should be captured and captured well. I hope you'll consider Kaypea Photography as your choose who will collect your memories on your wedding day.